The COVID-19 virus has been terrorizing innocent people from all corners of the world. The symptoms and effects of the virus have proven to be devastating especially for young children and the elderly. If that wasn’t bad enough, scientists have recently discovered that COVID-19 is linked to erectile dysfunction.

On top of how drastic the effects of COVID-19 are, erectile dysfunction causes a lot of health problems for the patient as well. The effects  of erectile dysfunction can be put into three categories: vascular effects, psychological effects, and an overall health deterioration.

Vascular effects.

  • Erectile function is a predictor of heart disease, so we know that the vascular system and reproductive system are connected.
  • COVID-19 can cause hyperinflammation throughout the body, especially in the heart and surrounding muscles. Blood supply to the penis can become blocked or narrowed as a result of a new or worsened vascular condition caused by the virus.

Psychological impact.

  • Sexual activity is closely associated with mental health.
  • The stress, anxiety and depression caused by the virus and pandemic can be linked to sexual dysfunction and poor mood.

Overall health deterioration.

  • Erectile dysfunction is typically a symptom of an underlying problem. Men with poor health are at greater risk for developing erectile disfunction and also for having a severe reaction to COVID-19.
  • Since the virus can cause a plethora of health issues, general poor health is cause for concern both for ED and other complications.

The mental health of a person is crucial in their wellbeing. Because of the psychological impact of erectile dysfunction, the patient can develop a form of depression. Depression leads to an imbalance of hormones in the brain, especially serotonin, dopamine, or norepinephrine, which are involved in feelings of happiness. The absence of these hormones prevent neurons from undergoing the three steps of cell signaling (in this case hormone signaling). The steps include Reception (where signal molecules bind to the receptor protein on the surface of the cell), Transduction (where the signal is converted into a form that can cause hormonal response), and  Response (in this case, feeling happy). Without these three steps, the patient will have trouble finding feelings of happiness which will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Stay away from the coronavirus!!

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