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Football may become safer with the use of magnets in helmets

New research is being conducted which shows that magnets might make football safer. The purpose of the magnets would be to repel each other when players heads are colliding with one another, which in turn would lessen the force of the hit. Although it has not been tested yet, any idea that could be used to protect athletes in crucial. As time goes on the football helmet continues to change as new safety precautions are created. Profesional football players are known to travel at speeds of almost 20 miles per hour, coupled with the fact that they generally weight upwards of 200 lbs causing nearly 150 g’s of force when players collide. Many helmet to helmet collisions lead to concussions, which could lead to very severe health problems. It is necessary for us to become aware of these dangers, and take appropriate action to lessen player injuries.

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  1. pintocytosis

    Nice article mjb96! It is good news that research is being done to make helmets more safe for players. As someone who plays a sport that requires a helmet, it is a scary thought that the helmets we use may not be adequately protecting us. It is an interesting idea to use magnets on all helmets which would repel each other. While in theory I support it, I have a difficulty imagining that all helmet manufacturers would add the magnets, which would no doubt add to the overall cost of the helmet production. Also, I am curious as to how close the magnets need to be to each other in order to perform correctly, and if this distance would create a safer environment for the player. I agree that this developing technology is needed, as concussions are very common these days for players of football and other sports, which is troublesome for students who sustain the forces that a large enough to produce a concussion. More information on concussions can be found on this website:

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