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Recently discovered mammal suffers from parenthood…

For a recently discovered species of marsupials, the Black-tailed Antechinus, it seems that parenthood is the highest cause of death. The Black-tailed Antechinus was discovered in Queensland’s Springbrook National Park, Australia by Dr. Andrew Baker. He laid 300 traps of oats and peanut-butter to catch the marsupial. After putting the marsupials through a multitude of tests they found that all the males died after mating. The stress hormone levels in the males, post mating, would steadily increase until eventually the males bodies would simply shut down. In this species of marsupials the males never live to see their young be born.

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  1. cjobios

    What a strange way to go! I recently learned that Pacific Salmon also die after spawning. They arduously swim upriver to mate in shallow water, and shortly thereafter, die of exhaustion. Although it is known that all organisms are derived from a common ancestor, it is hard to believe such different species meet their untimely ends in similar ways. To read more about salmon and their short lives after migration, visit the following site:

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