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Bringing Aesthetics to Biology

Let’s face it—biology can be a little bit dull sometimes.

Thankfully, a Brown University scientist, Dr. Casey Dunn, created a way to bring flavor back to the study of biology. In a clever way, Dr. Dunn created CreatureCast, short animations based on biology concepts that is so full of color drama that reminds us of how interesting and fascinating this study really is. By bringing the aesthetics back into the study, Dr. Dunn believes that he maintaining that sense of fascinating beauty that science withholds.

In a brand new episode from CreatureCast, a senior undergraduate student at Brown University explains the lifecycle of the green spoonworm. With drawings out of pencils, crayons, and paper cutouts, the seemingly peculiar and obscure life of spoonworm is lucidly demonstrated and easily understood.

Here, you can watch this episode about spoonworms.Sex in Spoonworms

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  1. katnizz

    I find this really interesting and can really appreciate all that Brown scientists are doing. I think that color, animation, and drama can lighten up some of the difficult topics in biology. People, especially kids respond well to different visuals of learning. Here is an article that shows different techniques used to help people learn, visuals involving color is included:

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