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Dr. iPhones

Just when we thought apple technology was the greatest things ever. Once again the apps on our iphones, ipads, and ipods are changing our lives. Now they are finding ways to connect our physical health to our iphone apps. How? Is this possible?

Researchers are working on technology that when you take a “smart pill” or some sort of microchip that an iphone app will be able to pick up a signal and record the health of our bodies to be sent to the physicians. This reminded me of the movie we are watching in class, GATTACA, where machines are able to anayzlize our well-being and dieaseas.

Another interesting iphone app meets medicine, is insulin shots and being able to figure out how much diabetics should take. Instead of using pumps and taking blood, iphones can be all your all one in package. Phone calls, texting, camera, internet, games, facebook, music… and now get a check up. Whats next?



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Could it be more than a Simple Physical Attraction?


They Have It ALL WRONG.

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  1. gababoutbio

    Did you know, that at Manhasset hospital they are using iphone to detect cancer. “They detect tumors via a smartphone by analyzing a tiny sampling of cells (a speck of tissue), sparing patients from the larger biopsies currently used.” Its crazy what iphones can do now!

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