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Wheatgrass “The Super Food”

There seems to be a new nutritional trend that pops up just to make a quick buck. Wheatgrass is not one of these “pop up” trends, but something that will continue to be talked about for years and years to come. The benefits of wheatgrass can be endless and in some cases even prolong life, therefore gaining its nickname “the superfood”.

There are many reasons why wheatgrass it so good for you. First 1 oz of wheatgrass is the same thing as eating 2.5 pounds of vegetables. In this 1oz of juice there are over 92 minerals that promote healthy bodily functions. Secondly wheatgrass has over 20 essential amino acids, making it one of the most protein concentrated foods on the planet. There are also over 30 enzymes in wheatgrass that promote the proper digestion of food and other fluids.

In addition to this wheatgrass has an limitless amount of benefits on the human body. Wheatgrass is known to promote general well-being and even prevention of certain types of cancer. I do not know any other foods that can have such side affects. It is truly remarkable. The high concentration of chlorophyll is supposed to lower rates of colon cancer. In addition to this wheatgrass has been know to promote blood flow,digestion, and cleansing of the body. One remarkable study that took place was that breast cancer patients who took wheatgrass during chemotherapy did not show a need for such high doses of blood and bone marrow building medications. In replacing wheatgrass with medication it increases red blood cell count and also lowers blood pressure.





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  1. try aeroponically grown wheatgrass. i have been taking it for 12 years. any woman who has not found wheatgrass does not what she is missing. excellent for the wrinkles. try easy pha max. they use aeroponics…call me. maureen

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