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Spring Allergies?

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I don’t know about you but, I tend to have very severe environmental allergies in the spring. And spring is right around the corner! These allergies are often called hay fever. I came across an article that sheds light on some things one might be doing to aggravate spring allergies.

I found it very surprising that one of the things that can aggravate your allergy suffering is “noshing of fruits and veggies.” One of my favorite snacks is strawberries, but could this cause me more suffering during my allergy season? Many people who have seasonal allergies also suffer from pollen food allergy syndrome (also known as oral allergy syndrome). About 70 percent of people with birch tree allergies and about one in five people with grass allergies suffer from this condition. (my odds are pretty high).

You  might be wondering how you can tell if you have allergies or just a common cold. Here is an article that has more information on how to determine if you are sick with a cold or have allergies.

Now that I may have to stop snacking on fruit so much, I researched meals to help fight allergies. I also researched just some foods in general that will help with spring allergies, cause I most likely won’t have time to cook all those meals. Who knows maybe these foods could actually make a difference!

The best advice is not to procrastinate and start taking medicine before your symptoms will appear. There are many over the counter allergy medicines, but your allergist or doctor could always prescribe something stronger if necessary. Some experts are predicting spring of 2012 could be one of the worst allergy seasons in ten years due to the warmer temperatures in January. This increase in temperature has caused plants to begin blooming ahead of time. So I better stock up on some yogurt and fish!


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  1. nicleus2

    This article immediately reached me because I too have such horrific spring allergies. I take many different medications in the form of pills, nose sprays, and eye drops. After reading this, I looked up a site containing treatments for spring allergies and how to survive the season. Check it out!

  2. sar418

    I have allergies year around that get worst in the fall and spring. Usually if the spring season is really bad my mother and I start rubbing our eyes around February, which is when people with severe allergies start getting allergy shots. I personally have tried everything from steroids, to a different diet in spring, to allergy shots (which unfortunately don’t work for me because of how severe my allergies are). Although I am very faint around needles, if my allergies are torturous this year I might turn to acupuncture, like many others have. This chinese practice strategically places needles around your body to move “phlegm,” or mucus out of the body and change the way your body works.

  3. carlybio12

    I don’t have any allergies but you are not alone! “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates around 36 million people in the United States alone suffer from seasonal allergies!” Speaking of allergies in relation to food, this website talks about how honey may help reduce allergy symptoms! check it out!

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