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Brand New Species of Butterfly Discovered

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A new species of butterfly has been discovered in Texas, earlier this spring. Named after it’s founder’s wife, the Vicroy’s Ministreak (it’s scientific name is Ministrymon Janevicroy), went unnoticed as a “new” breed because it was mistaken for the Gray Ministreak, due to the similarity of appearance between the two butterfly species. The trademark difference of the Vicroy’s Ministreak, however, is it’s olive green eye. The Gray Ministreak is known for having a dark brown to black eye coloring. Other differences between he two species include the patterns on their wings as well as differences in genital structures. Some of these differences were noticed when both butterflies were examined when dead. The founder, Jeffrey Glassberg, mostly used a new method of study to differentiate between the two Vicroy and Gray Ministreaks; he used cameras and binoculars, instead of the standard net.

The Vicroy’s Ministreak can be found in greater population in southern America and even reaching down to Central America, in “dry deciduous forest and scrub.” They have also been spotted in fewer population some of the northern South American countries. This new species is thought to be among the last that will be discovered in North America.

For additional information about this new breed of butterfly, please check out the following websites:


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  1. orsbio

    Wow cool post! Just looked up a picture of the butterfly, and it’s quite interesting looking! The butterfly was first at the Smithsonian about a hundred years ago since it was mistaken for the gray ministreak you spoke of. Scientist can distinguish butterfly species in a numerous amount of ways: eye color, location, internal structures, and wing patterns or field marks (as you mentioned). In tropical America, however, there are still hundreds of butterfly species waiting to be discovered! This link is to a video of a forty year long scientific expedition to discover the monarch butterfly’s migration on Earth by Dr. Urquhart:

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