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Third-hand Smoke Can Lead to Severe Medical Problems

Recently great attention has been given to the dangers of smoking. We all know the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, however few know what third-hand smoke is or what it does. Third-hand smoke is the debris from cigarettes that lingers both in the air, and on objects giving off a foul odor. It is now coming to our attention that it is far more dangerous than we originally thought. Studies are showing that the inhalation can lead to health risks associated with routine smoking. In fact third-hand smoke may cause 60% of the damage that regular smoking creates. The toxins left behind by a smoker are even shown to stay in the area for nearly 18 hours. It is important for us to give greater attention to the effects of third-hand smoke in order to protect our health, and the health of those around smokers.

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  1. gigabytes

    This article touches upon a critical subject. It seems as if the nation is unaware of the way smoking impacts people other than the smoker. The issue of third-hand smoke is an extremely interesting one that should make consumers and individuals consider the safety of the environments around them. I read another article that explained some of the ways individuals can come in contact with third-hand smoke, and it opened my eyes to the many interactions my lungs have with toxins from smokers. I think it brings up the important topic of government legislation to put more laws on public smoking so as to prevent our innocent lungs from being affected by other peoples bad habits. As consumers, we need to be more aware of the homes we buy, the places we go, and the company we keep.

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