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Trust Your Gut and Exercise


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According to an article on GEN news, the level of Microbiomes contained within the Gut is influenced by exercise as a young child. Microbiota are the organisms that share our body space, and the gut has a particularly concentrated region of these organisms. Scientists estimate that gut microbiomes make up anywhere from 1-3% of total body mass. As it turns out the saying, “trust your gut” has some scientific merit. Microbiomes promote healthy brain function and promote anti-depressant effects, as well as adding up to 5 million genes to the human genome. Having a healthy gut is a key to overall biological health.

A recent study by Colorado University claims a connection between early life exercise and healthy microbiome activity. This study was conducted with rats, with one group young of rats exercising daily contrasted against a control of rats who behaved normally. The younger exercising rats experienced a growth of probiotic bacteria in their guts, more so then the stationary rats or even older rats who exercised. Researchers “emphasize the ability of exercise” to promote a healthy brain and metabolic function. In the future, Colorado University will look for ways to promote healthy microbiome activity in adults who have a much more stagnant microbiome structure.







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  1. Leukemia

    Nice article Jackuole! I found an article that discussed a similar topic, surrounding how exercising could increase the diversity in our gut microbiome… Perhaps this may have a correlation with agman’s comment on the lower diversity found in the western hemisphere! (I.e. Americans are lazy?) Jokes aside, the article speaks to the increasing correlation between exercise and diversity and further evincing your point about the benefits of exercise. See it here:

  2. jdna

    I always knew Phys Ed class was more than it seemed! Microbiomes really seem to have a lot more influence on ones body then the average person thinks, and they form in mysterious way. Did you know that there have been many recent studies that have found intriguing links between our gut microbes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases in which the body’s immune system goes wrong and attacks its own tissue. Really interesting how these microbiomes work…

    Check it out:

  3. agman

    Excellent article Jackuole! it is so interesting to read about the functions of the human body 🙂 I read an article that states that Westerners have a less-diverse gut microbiome compared to people who live in the East Hemisphere.

    You should check it out:

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