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Learning to Love

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For years, scientists have believed that the nurture and love we receive from our parents when we are an infant, determines how we are when we are older. We learn very early on to trust and love and the relationship you have with your parents when you are a baby can affect relationships you have later in life. For example, researchers say that a mistreated infant may turn argumentative in stressful situations, while nurtured babies tend to deal with stress more skillfully.

Researchers Simpson, Collins, and Salvatore put babies and their mothers in high-tension situations and then years later researched the babies’ relationships. The researchers found that there is a link between the situations babies are put in and the relationship to the mother, and later relationships and stress management. However, they also found that although there is a link, it is not an extremely strong factor. You can learn to love, trust, and throughout your life, even if something traumatic did happen in your infancy.

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  1. ilikebioha

    I do agree and think that there is a correlation between the way you are raised as a baby and the way you handle situations as an adult. I also think that looking at the difference between how yourself and your sibling reacts to sitations proves that although theres a link between how your raised as a baby and how you respond to situations as an adult, “it is not an extreamly strong factor.”
    Then i though of comparing it to physiological diseases and varying between family members. This article( says “stressful life events are thought to be the main element in the development of bipolar disorder. These can range from a death in the family … It can be pretty much anything, but it cannot be precisely defined, since one person’s stress may be another person’s piece of cake.”
    But if you are raised the same way as your sibling, wouldn’t you handle stress the same way as them? So if one child in a family developed bipolar disorder from a traumatic family event, then shouldn’t all the other children of the family? I think this also proves that the link between how you are raised and how you handle stress is not that strong.

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