Because of an increase in psychological problems, researches have developed a new way to give instant therapy to many people.  This article outlines a new therapy app for your smartphone that will becomes accesible.  This study uses an approach called  cognitive bias modification, or C.B.M.  C.B.M. seeks to break bad habits in the brain as a way to helping anxiety and depression.

One app, called Helping Hands helps many people who have problems with shyness.  These people, when presenting to an audience, focus on a face that is portraying negative thoughts instead of the people who are relaxed.  This app flashes two pictures onto the screen, one with the hostile face and one with the relaxed face. Then the faces disappear and a letter flashes onto the screen.  The letter is completely useless, it just tries to take the focus away from the hostile face toward the relaxed face.  This new research also applies to children with chronic anxiety.  The app according to studies significantly decreased the children’s anxiety problems.

But this app does not seem to work for everyone.  With all the positive reviews it has been getting, there are also negative ones.  There are definitely a few quirks to work out, but this new app could be a positive installment for the future.  Instead of needing to pay a lot of money for a therapy session or someone without access to a therapist, this could be very useful and a very positive installment in their lives.

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