We’ve talked about many viruses before and how they affect our bodies. However, what we’re talking about today is not  a virus, but when people get it, it’s scarier than most viruses. It is called Cancer.

Breast cancer cell (2)

There are currently more than two hundred cancers around the globe, and depending on the severity of the Cancer, the treatment is also determined. Cancer, unlike a virus, is where the cells divide uncontrollably. In addition, it also tricks the cells inside our bodies into creating new blood vessels to feed the tumor cells to generate more. Our cells and blood vessels will eventually attack these cells, forming tumors. Once the tumor gets big enough, it can divide and move to different parts of your body, and if the tumor is on some vital organs, it can suppress those organs, eventually leading to death.

The current methods to treat cancers are chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. The first two methods aim to kill tumors that are potentially growing and spreading to different parts of your body. However, if the tumor is not that big, the doctors might suggest surgery to remove the tumor located in a particular area of your body. At the end of the day, it’s about stopping the uncontrollable cell division that’s happening inside of your body.

One good piece of news is that nowadays, we have the technologies to not only give our treatments to more people who suffer from cancer, but we also can cut out the energy supply to those cancer cells.

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