Black Hole 

According to a recent study published by astrophysicist Avi Loeb, scientists now believe that collapsing stars can now lead to the creation of two individual black holes. Avi Leob had been debating whether or not the existence of this phenomenon  was a reality but the recent detection of gravitational waves convinced Leob that this does exist. Gravitational Waves are the ripples through time caused by extreme gravity altering the matter the waves interact with. Einstein first theorized that two black holes spinning around each other would alter the fabric of space time. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory used detectors in Louisiana and Washington in order to register the waves and the detections confirmed the existence and collision of two rotating blackholes.

Leob’s theory is that if a star is spinning fast enough when it collapses, the matter in the star could be distributed into a dumbbell shape and form two black holes. The detection of gravitational waves confirmed that it was indeed two individual black holes but it was unclear if these black holes where the byproduct of a star collapsing in the area or if the holes massive gravity had just pulled them together from different regions of space. When a star collapses inward, the influx of matter can cause the star to release a burst of gamma radiation, the most high energy form of light. A telescope trained on the area where the equipment recorded the gravitational waves also picked up a burst of gamma light. This provides validity to the theory that one star collapsed in the region and created these two black holes rather than the black holes moving from a different location in space.


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