A recent study has found that the use of nasal spray can put people at a lower risk for COVID-19. The study was done at the Cleveland Clinic and the data was taken from already existing COVID-19 patients in the healthcare system. The study compared those who used nasal spray and those who didn’t and saw how they were affected by COVID-19. The study concluded that those who used the nasal spray were 22% less likely to be FACT- Rinsing your nose with saline does NOT prevent COVID-19 (cropped)hospitalized, 23% less likely to need intensive care, and 24% less likely to die from the virus.

The study focuses on the effects of the COVID-19 on the nose. Research in this area has come to learn that a certain protein receptor is very important when it comes to actually acquiring COVID-19. This is the ACE2 protein receptor. A protein receptor is the way the virus actually enters the cells of the body. The receptors are all around the cell and are used to allow certain type of bacteria, molecules, and many other structures into the cell. The COVID-19 virus is aligned with spike proteins which are what connects to the ACE2 receptors. The only way something can successfully enter the cell is if it can successful attach to the receptor by having the corresponding configuration and shape. The ACE2 receptor can actually be found all over the body, but it was found to be crucial in the spread of coronavirus to the rest of the body when in the nose. When there are more of these receptors is when a person is more susceptible to COVID-19.

There are certain nasal spray steroids that are known to reduce the ACE2 receptor activity and Dr. Ronald Strauss, a member of the Cleveland Clinic, wondered if this could affect COVID-19. The study consisted of 72,000 patients who had been positive for the coronavirus between April 2020 and March 2021. Approximately 10,000 of those patients were on a nasal spray prior to the virus. Those using ended up having less admittance to the ICU, less hospitalization, and less cases of death. The nasal spray that was used to block the ACE2 receptors for other reasons was actually able to limit the amount of COVID-19 virus cells that could bind successfully to the cells and spread through the body. The nose is a very important part of our body that serves as an entry way to the rest of our body. Nasal sprays are a great way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are available over the counter at a low-cost.