Scientists from all over the world, including China, Denmark and Sweden are planning to design a microbiome map of the human body. These scientists will be be analyzing over one million microbial samples from the mouth, skin, reproductive tract and the intestines to complete their goal. This article states that in order to provide a baseline of micro ecology research on a very large population sample, the scientists will explore and use Mouse Genome Informatics to draw their map.


Dr. Liu Ruixin from the Shanghai National Clinical Research says, “By studying the changes in the human microbiome between the normal and pathological states, before and after treatment in larger metagenomics datasets, and analyzing its effects on human metabolism and health, in the future we will provide more possibilities for new therapies in many fields such as metabolic diseases, cancer, reproductive health and newborn health.”

So far, scientists have analyzed over 10,000 samples of metagenomic sequencings.

This research will be important for future studies, projects and treatments because it will provide context and specific information about the human microbiome.


This photo captures the structure of DNA that will aid the scientists in developing the map.

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