How your poop determines your Health

Have you ever looked at your poop and thought what waste? Well after reading this article you’ll think what a waste that I’m not using poop to observe my health. Laurel Hamers in her article Studies can be in vitro, in vivo and now in Fimo- in poop comments on the many medical uses of poop. It can be used to survey the health of your gut micro-biome, a very important but also overlooked piece of one’s health that can affect one’s mood, overall digestive health and much more. There have even been poop transplants to fix gut micro-biomes which has been shown to help fight obesity and certain digestive disorders. Poop can be used to track enzyme activity which can tell you about gut motility and indicate the health of multiple organs in the body such as the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and digestive tract. Poop in addition to those amazing things is a source of your DNA which can be used to tell many things about overall health. Poop can also help indicate specifically if one has colon cancer. With all these great uses for poop Laurel Hamers believes poop extraction will become a popular medical endeavor and should get a new medical name. The name is “in Fimo” coming from the latin word excrete and meaning “in the excrement”. Laurel and her fellow scientists have already begun to use the word in conferences and with their patients. Its likely that later in your life you’ll be at the doctor and they’ll tell you “were gonna have to check your health ‘in fimo’ today”. Other articles you may wanna look at are One mans poop is another’s medicine or what are the causes of Black stool? if you’d like to learn more.