In this article, it talks about birds that are able to dive underwater what it does to them. There are three types of diving birds – foot propelled, wing propelled, and plunge divers. It talks about how these birds adapt to the environment and are able to get food by diving. This actually hurts some species of birds because they aren’t fully suited for it. Some birds that dive or plunge underwater aren’t meant to do this and could cause damage to the neck and bones in the chest. This is causing these birds to go extinct. This hurts the penguins the most because they are specialized in diving compared to other species of birds and the environments change which make it hard for them to adapt. The environments changes are caused by marine heat waves which affects the birds adaptation to the environment.

In an article similar to the main one, it talks about how when penguins are on land they are at a disadvantage compared to other species of birds even though they are the best at diving. Then there are other bird species like gulls that can adapt to eating food in the water and out.


In another article, it also talks about how body size matters when it comes to diving of bird species. Penguins use their wings to dive for food but can’t fly obviously. Cormorants for example use their feet to kick and swim underwater. The birds that use their wings have a large body and this helps them develop a larger body. So depending on what kind of diving the bird does. All these different traits make the biggest difference into why penguins and wing propelled divers are going extinct.


This connects to what we have learned this year in AP Bio because of the adaptions. When we studied plants this year, we understood what kind of things they needed to survive. For example we saw that the plants we grew in class this year needed a certain amount of light and water. It also connects with plants will use certain things for example their roots being able to pull the water throughout the rope that goes through the dirt.

Penguin in Antarctica jumping out of the water





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