Leaves are the most abundant product on earth and now can be the answer to end global warming.


Speaking on behalf of my family, we cannot agree on anything! Ironically, we have one tradition that we all agree on. On Sunday evenings, we order take-out food and watch 60 Minutes. Typically, episodes contain a couple segments on current global or domestic political issues, but this past week was different. This past week the last segment was about an unlikely inventor. This inventor was a senile 81 year old man that has quoted himself as the messiah that is here on earth to solve global warming although his drivers license says Marshall Medoff. Mr. Medoff , the unlikely inventor asked  himself, “how do I change inedible plant life into transportation fuels?”


Toiling without an answer, Mr. Medoff went for a stroll around the Walden Pond in the middle of Fall, noticing the vast quantities of leaves and natural debris that covered the ground. Mr. Medoff realized that if he could gain mass quantities of sugar molecules he could solve this issue! When continuing to walk around the pond, Mr. Medoff realized that if he could extract the cellulose from the cell wall of the abundant leaves and natural debree, that he could change the course of history, forever. One may ask, how does this work? It’s simple! In the most basic terms, electron accelerators fire energy downward towards the biomass, breaking the cellulose away from the cell wall, and generating the biofuel.


In reality, I cannot discredit this phenomenal invention as it tackles global warming daily, but we need to take it a step further. This invention will only take roughly thirty to forty percent of the global fossil fuels market and uses only renewable and vastly abundant products. Overarching, this is a phenomenal start, but we as a society are still dependent on fossil fuels, which are depleting quickly. You may ask, SAMonella, What’s next? Personally, I don’t know, but we must continue to invent and create new forms of biofuels and start to become less dependent on fossil fuels. If this trend continues, as a society, we could change the global warming debate for the better! Save the turtles!


Thank you!


From your favorite bacteria,



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