CRISPR/ Cas 9 is newest technology, that is exciting many scientists. CRISPR stands for clustered, regularly interspaced, short, palindromic repeats. This system is a a bacterial defense mechanism thats is RNA based. Its goal is to eliminate and identify DNA which is foreign that would normally invade the bacteriophages and the plasmids. The Cas endonuclease has the role of cleaving at specific locations of the DNA, by being guided by RNA. Now that we have a general idea what this system is lets find out how it can be beneficial!

We understand that CRISPR, at the DNA cleavage site, has the ability to introduce mutations or genetically engineered DNA.

Here are some examples of how CRISPR can be used in the future:

  1. Treat disease in humans
  2. Eliminate Malaria
  3. Give humans other animals’ organs
  4. Create new medications
  5. Genetically modify humans

As the list above only refers to some of the many possibilities CRISPR can have, we can see that this new technology can help humans is many ways. It is evident why CRISPR is referred to as “the new kid on the block.” Hopefully this new system will be able to accomplish the things listed above and many more!

Here are some other interesting sites about CRISPR to learn more!

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