Newfound ligament in the human knee

Newfound ligament in the human knee; Photo by Kasey Katz

As of November 5, 2013, a new ligament has been discovered in the human knee by two Belgium biologists, Doctor Steven Claes and Doctor Johan Bellemans.

These doctors were curious as to why patients who have had previous ACL surgery continue to experience sensations where their knee will “give out” during certain activities.

Their curiosity led them to research and ultimately, astonishing results. These two doctors are credited with the discovery of an unknown ligament, now recognized as an Anterolateral Ligament (ALL).

This newfound ligament also suggests a connection with ACL injuries. As studies now show, ACL tears are a product of ALL injuries. Did you tear your ACL? Does that mean you also tore your ALL?

This research could signal a breakthrough in ACL tear repairs.

Which is why these two doctors are already one step ahead; Dr. Claes and Dr. Bellemans are now working on creating a surgical procedure to repair ALL injuries.

Being a patient who previously tore my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus, I found this discovery particularly interesting because chances are… I also tore my ALL.

That’s just fantastic.

Learning about this newfound ligament, I now wonder if I will need to get another repair on my knee, later in life, to fix the “giving out” sensation I encounter from time to time.




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